Saturday, January 19, 2013


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It's Sogo's Birthday

When I was a little girl, I am dreaming to have cool girl and guy  bestfriend and as I grow up I stop wishing that thing Until someone has been my bestfriend!


Their are things that connect us, something that we share all the time and talk about anything under the sun everyday.... we never I magine ourselves to be super close to each other like  brother and sisters.. But their are also times that people might think we are LOVERS<3 but then again just like other people we just LAUGH those issues and ideas that comes to malicoius people.

-what I love about my friends  is that I can share all my crazy stories In life with them

-like having crushes 

-being broken hurted 

-winning awards

-eager to have something 

and all my crazy stuff ,

-It's like they are showing the real meaning of life

  They are already been half of my journey

They knows about my Family and friends

They love and Understand what things we have to each other 

  They listen to all non-sense stories and I listen too to all there  Crazy stuff:)

I just wanna share this Blog to all people because I wann Tell Everyone that how happy to live with friends, how luck I am to meet a friends like them

"how to choose your super close  friends hmm it's simply When you are ready to talk to them about anything, even though they know everything about you already.:D just like the people beside me  :)"