Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dream high, and Continue to Dream ON 


Dress up the way you want 

It's a fashion shoot with Digital FourthreeEights  Photographers and Model Org. 

Theme: Gown

Photogpraphy by: Jhe Mercado @ you can also like his page @

Model: Carmela R. Eusebio@, visit my personal profile @

and you can leave comments and suggestion on my personal blog here @ don't forget to drop by and like my page @

Hair and make up by: Ian De Torres visit hi personal profile @

Fashion is not just about how wonderful dress and make-up you have, it is also showing the real emotion of what you want and what you want to be, It’s explain your whole personality.  Sometimes it is the execution of what you what to say in the world. Like wearing simply rock, wearing simply dress or just like a gloomy one.

Fashion also affects your whole day, your mood or even how you treat your day.

People might think that Fashion is just amensity or maybe luxury for them, but then again you can buy the cheapness clothes in the world it's upon  the way  you  mixing it   after all you can be   look so stunning. It depends upon the person who are wearing the clothes, and It’s the way how you deal with those things and make it up.



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